Quantum Code Binary Options Software is a Total Scam

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Quantum Code Binary Options Software is a Total Scam

Quantum Code is one of the longest running scams with binary options trading. The original product called Quantum Code was release last summer, and many imitators have copied the software, and keep promoting it via email marketing and native ads on social networks.

News Flash! You Will Not Make Real Money Using Quantum Code.

The only purpose of the software is to connect you with an unlicensed binary options broker. And you think you made money at an unlicensed broker, they will close your trading account since for some reason it violated the terms and conditions.

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We can’t really call Quantum Code a trading algorithm robot, because it is actually just a binary options sales funnel.

The actors in the video will try telling you that you will make money, so much money, that they even give you a fake guarantee of $5,000. In the real world of online trading, it is difficult to double your money, forget about making 100 times your money.

Call one of the real binary option brokers (see below) and ask them how many people made $10,000 from a $250 deposit. They will tell you maybe one in a hundred have done something like that. So you are better off buying a lottery ticket.

Quantum Code Binary Options is a Scam
Quantum Code Binary Options is a Scam


You should really read in the binary options forum what other people are going through trying to get their money back from online fraud brokers.

Quantum Code Scam

The way you easily knows that a trading software like Quantum Code is a scam, is because they gave you an account at and unlicensed binary options broker.

Stop for a second, and ask your friends on Facebook if they are using the Quantum Code software.If you share this article on Facebook , you will shocked at the responses your friends tell you.

Please Read Again What They Wrote!


The binary option traders forum is filled with posts from investors who have already lost thousands of dollars at unlicensed binary option brokers. Also those who thought that Quantum Code will solve their financial problems, and they lost money too.

Legal Binary Option Brokers

Before you piss away your money at an online fraud operation, do some proper research and compare the real Forex robots. Less than 20 binary options brokers are legally licensed and regulated in countries like Australia, United States of America, Germany, Denmark and South Africa.

For instance:

  • Traders in Australia start with a Free Demo Account at: Plus500
  • European investors use the licensed broker: 24Option

The majority of binary option brokers online, are not licensed, and are simply fake companies. You can look here to see a recent list of popular regulated brokers.

Popular Binary Option Robots

A really good binary options robot gives the trader the ability to customize the trading software. The most important feature is your ability to choose a licensed and regulated binary options broker. Proper binary option robots allow you too select which underlying assets to trades, select which strategy / signal source to use, allow you to set a daily stop loss and take profit amount. Plus the software should give you the ability to revere trade the signals, and see historical results.

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